Teaser Two – Playing With Prezi

Here is my second offering to the blog-o-sphere from my uLearn09 presentation

An eWindow into my Classroom

This is a Prezi Presentation that will feature on the home page of my ulearn site.  Prezi is an alternative to the standard slideshow presentation.  I have added a fun little ‘how to’ I found on YouTube for those of you who want to know more.  If you do decide to use Prezi as a presentation tool, it is important to remember that Prezi is best viewed in ‘full screen’.

Just click the large grey arrows at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the presentation.

This is a cool little how to video I found on YouTube – Thanks zuilabs

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2 thoughts on “Teaser Two – Playing With Prezi”

  1. It looks like your students did some preplanning before jumping on Prezi. If correct, would you share what you did?

    I’m launching a Prezi project on the Lewis & Clark expedition next week, and think preplanning would be helpful for the students.

    Thank You.

  2. Hi there Charles,
    Sorry I should of made it clear that neither of these two Prezis were made by my students. I made the first one as part of a presentation I am giving in October and the second one was made and published on YouTube by someone else.

    As for planning, I suggest you use a simple flow-map or storyboard to help your students plan their presentations. I would also suggest that you stress the importance of Key Words and Images Use to make their point. The reason a good Prezi Presentation is so good is because it lacks the bullet points and chunks of texts that we are subjected to by the many other slideshow style presentations.

    I suggest that you take a look at the Learn Page on the Prezi site http://prezi.com/learn/
    I hope this was of some help

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