Performance Review – TAGS


The New Zealand Curriculum is the official statement of policy relating to teaching and learning in New Zealand state schools. Its principle function is to set the direction for student learning and to provide guidance for schools to design and review curriculum. The Principles of the New Zealand Curriculum embody the beliefs about what is important and desirable in teaching and learning and can be directly related to appraisal. The Principles put students at the centre of teaching and learning, with a curriculum that should engage and challenge them.

The Practicing Teacher Criteria describe the criteria for quality teaching in New Zealand. The Criteria have the following purposes:

  • as a description of the essential professional knowledge in practice, professional relationships and professional values,
  • to promote quality teaching for all learners,
  • as the criteria to guide the professional learning and the assessment of teachers,
  • as a framework for career pathways,
  • to provide reflection.

The Professional Standards describe the important knowledge, skills and attitudes that all principals, deputy/assistant principals and teachers are expected to demonstrate. Professional standards will form part of performance management systems in schools.

Together, these three areas demonstrate the essential attributes of effective teaching and learning in New Zealand and provide the framework for performance management. Active reflection against these areas builds greater understanding of the teaching and learning process, self-performance and is a part of the Teaching as Inquiry process.


Tātaiako – Cultural Competencies:
  • Ako,
  • Whanaungatanga,
  • Wananga,
  • Manaakitanga,
  • Tangata Whenuatanga
Professional Standards
  • Professional Knowledge,
  • Teaching Techniques,
  • Motivation of Students,
  • Communication,
  • Classroom Management,
  • Support for and Co-operation with Colleagues,
  • Contribution to Wider School Activities
Practicing Teacher Criteria:
  • PTC1-Professional Relationships,
  • PTC2-Promoting Well-Being,
  • PTC3-Bicultural Partnership,
  • PTC4-Professional Learning and Development,
  • PTC5-Leadership,
  • PTC6-Learning Programmes
  • PTC7-Learning Environment,
  • PTC8-How Akonga Learn,
  • PTC9 -Diversity,
  • PTC10-Bicultural Context,
  • PTC11-Assessment,
  • PTC12-Critical Inquiry