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Yesterday I was speaking to a parent/member of staff about the wonders of blogging.  We are both keen subscribers to several great blogs; I mostly after her recommendations and being both scholarly types, our conversation quickly led to Nick Rate’s recent post on parent engagement or lack there of as the case maybe.

Parent engagement has been sitting at the back of my mind as I busily set up my own class blog.  I know the kids all love the idea, and I am sure the parents do scroll through at their kids encouragement.  However, what I really want are the comments, am I going to get them?

(sudden thought) Do I really want comments for me or for the kids?  If the kids are at home showing their blogs to their parents, aren’t they getting instant feedback from their interactions with their parents.  Maybe parents are more engaged in the learning then we realise.  Maybe we just can’t see it?

Anyway … due to my ever present need for extrinsic as apposed to intrinsic reward I am going to try and chase down those comments like an Emo chases bad hair cuts and oblivion lol.

I thought that perhaps the parents maybe enticed, to begin with, with a little friendly competition. Hence the invention of the “My Mum is Smarter than Your Dad” page.

I will set up a page with a link to the Maths Magician Site and challenge the parents to beat my score (won’t be hard, I suck) by recording their results in the comment box.  I will pump up the kids and see if the parents hang around and leave comments in other places too.  My Parent Insider also suggested that I have a lot more information for parents about current learning and how they can help.  As she poignantly reminded me, kids when asked what they did at school almost always answer – “Nothing”.

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